안녕! |∩`・▽・´∩|I'm a 17-year-old ajumma.
I mostly (try) post/reblog kfashion, but I guess this is a multifandom blog with Kpop and Kdramas ^^
I am usually inactive on the weekdays because of school and homework. Sorry about that! |。>△<。|
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"Bad teachers do more damage to a young mind than a good teacher can repair. Education is supposed to make you think, not suffer."
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Bitch I came dressed to kill. Who wanna go first?

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 “I’m still young and I’ve felt that I lacked experience many times, while singing, I had difficulties. During these times, the thing I liked to do the most lately is watching Twitter. I get to know the thoughts of many people that I don’t know. What they do in their everyday life, their love affairs, where they are going, this kind of things. Once in a while, I also post something and upload a picture, and the responses the people send are funny.” -Sohyun

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"Because I am not the type of
person someone falls in love with."
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140801 Incheon Airport; Going to China | cr: ghanel | DO NOT EDIT!!!

140801 Incheon Airport; Going to China | cr: ghanel | DO NOT EDIT!!!

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고마워요 나의 그대여 by Lyn
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LYN (린) - 고마워요 나의 그대여

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