안녕! |∩`・▽・´∩|I'm a 17-year-old ajumma.
I mostly (try) post/reblog kfashion, but I guess this is a multifandom blog with Kpop and Kdramas ^^
I am usually inactive on the weekdays because of school and homework. Sorry about that! |。>△<。|
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When a cellphone suddenly came flying on stage

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140925 Instagram Update

1. 우리 지유니 너무 귀엽죠??????/ Our Jiyoonie is very cute, isn’t she??????

2. 꿈꾸는 대표님’의 한꿈 양과 함께. 지우리 촬영장! 멋지다!!!!대단하다!!!/ together with ” dreaming ceo” ‘s miss han goom (literally miss “one dream”) at jiyoon filming location! so cool!!!! incredible!!!!

cr: @4MF_Trans

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"I don’t go out to drink but to help myself sleep better since I can’t sleep from all the thoughts running through my mind. I don’t drink heavily either, since I’m good with just a glass of beer. When I talk about these hardships with other colleagues, they’ll eventually say, "Well, you’re SNSD." Even when I speak to my seniors, they tell us that this is the best part of our careers which leaves me feeling as if I can’t really tell someone how I feel comfortably."

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